NV2A Group | Baptist Health South Florida

Project NameBaptist Health South Florida
Project Address1222 Street road, fl 33139
Project TypeMedical Building
Project Size10,000 sqft
Project Information

NV2A Group is a dynamic construction company that specializes in building commercial and industrial centers, healthcare centers, and higher education institutions in the South Florida area. The ever-changing industry presents challenges that project managers and members of the team need to face. 

The Challenge

Danny Sleiman is a Project Manager for NV2A. One of the biggest problems that Danny encountered was to track workers and their performance more efficiently for budget and planning purposes. In the past, Danny used to use a daily log to record this information, but it was tough and very manual. 

We used to go to the construction site, where everybody wears the same clothing, and try to count workers. It was difficult to recognize the faces of some employees, especially if they were wearing face masks.  It was hard to remember if we counted them or not.

Danny Sleiman

Another problem that Danny had was subcontractors not following the process properly when submitting daily logs or man-count. Often, the numbers Danny and his team received from subcontractors were inaccurate meaning he had to re-verify everything. 

Danny realized that he needed to find a solution that helped him save time and improve his project’s productivity. 

The Solution

Danny connected with the CEO and Founder of SmartBarrel, Albert Bou Fadel, through LinkedIn. Albert introduced to Danny the technological solutions SmartBarrel offers to connect managers and employees in the field while maximizing efficiency. Albert offered to put one of the SmartBarrel time-clock devices on-site so that Sleiman and his team could try it. 

The Results

“After we used the device for a while and explained the benefits to the workers and the superintendent on site, we saw that it is very efficient. The system allows subcontractors to put the reports from SmartBarrel that we’re using on-site to prepare the paperwork for the workers. That’s a very positive thing that it has. It’s not only for the use of the general contractor, but it’s also available for the use of the subcontractor,” Sleiman explained. 

One of the features that Danny Sleiman enjoys the most is the SmartBarrel dashboard which allows quick access to worker information and project activity. He also heavily uses the tracking tools that show him how many people are on-site that day as well as helping with project plans. Danny isn’t the only one to find SmartBarrel valuable, though. 

“It’s amazing that after we enforced SmartBarrel and reminded everyone to use it, they also started finding it valuable. For example, workers receive a text with the time they clock in and clock out. This text is a valid verification for them if their company’s payroll system doesn’t account for the hours that they worked or if there is a dispute. Having a text message like that is the most valuable thing that they can have, and the only way they can receive it is by using the SmartBarrel machine at the worksite”.

NV2A Group started managing ~15 workers with SmartBarrel and has since increased to almost 100 workers. 

For Danny Sleiman, SmartBarrel provides a service that is essential nowadays in the construction industry. “When you don’t have technology on the project, you have to rely just on papers that can get lost. That is very risky with all the safety requirements, and liabilities that you can get if anything happens; such as an accident, delay of time, or delay in the manpower that we’re hiring on the job. SmartBarrel is a way to implement technology in construction. It’s very efficient in the way that it works”.

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