Contagion and the Construction Industry: A New Reality in Risk Management

Beyond safety hats and googles, the Coronavirus has presented a unique safety challenge, but SmartBarrel rose to the occasion to help mitigate your risk.

Touch Free Check-In

SmartBarrel is touch-free/contact-less. Workers can now check in/out and effectively help reduce COVID-19 cross-contamination rates.

Mask Detection

SmartBarrel’s AI is trained to detect face masks (cloth or N95) with ease. A quick scan detects if the worker has on a hard hat, safety glasses, and vest, helping with safety compliance.

SMS Health Questionnaire

SmartBarrel provides you with a crucial and invaluable dataset for contact-tracing. You can quickly retrace worker activities in the last 14 days in case of COVID-19 infection or exposure.

Thermal Sensor

Additionally, SmartBarrel uses cutting-edge thermal technology to measure the body temperature of workers. This can be helpful to detect if a worker has a fever (a symptom of COVID-19 according to the CDC).

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