Projects delivered on budget and on time.

No one likes costly project delays. Now you can monitor and track subcontractors, workers, weather, and much more.

Powerful, yet simple

SmartBarrel keeps you on track with live and instant data about your jobsite, fully available to you remotely.


Get setup quickly

Rugged and solar-powered, nothing to install. Instantly and easily collect data to make informed project decisions like never before.


All the project information you need in one place, live and cross-platform.

See all your subcontractors’ activities, verified headcount per trade, weather information, and much more. Visit your jobsite without leaving your desk or while on the go, the SmartBarrel remote dashboard is your powerful mission control center.

work summary never been easier

Accessible on all your devices

Finally an easy and construction-friendly way to collect all your subcontractors’ work summary without the need for a smartphone, apps, emails, or logins! SmartBarrel effectively simplifies everything with SMS.

an amazing daily log

Backed by an amazing support team

SmartBarrel compiles data per subcontractor, headcount, workers, weather, and work summary into a Daily Log format that can be viewed, shared, and most importantly, archived, and easily retrieved

80% 28% 92%

Timekeeping & Productivity

Save time and money with the most efficient timecard in the industry. Simplify your payroll process and get more done in less time.

Safety & Liability

Beyond COVID-19 compliance and your overall jobsite safety, SmartBarrel improves your risk management by keeping accurate logs across your operations.

What customers are saying

Never just take our word, we are results driven and our clients are the best source of feedback.

"I invited Albert to the island to do some testing on the device, and it was a very good fit. It made all the timekeeping and everything we needed to adjust very easy, very transparent, and the most important part is that there was a record of everything"

Leo N.
NV2A Group
“We started using the tool just at one project, and I instantly saw that it was a better solution. It is a tool that we also use to help us manage our payroll and our job costing; it’s been very effective for that”

Vivian J.
JGR Construction

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