SmartBarrel Tool

Transformative technology for a new era of jobsite management

One of the hardest and most reliable workers on your team, always onsite, so you can focus elsewhere.

It just works, period.

Patented industry-leading functionality created to simplify your life. It’s not about working harder, we believe in working smarter.


All conditions, multiple scenarios

SmartBarrel is the epitome of a multitasker. Self-powered and connected, mission critical ready.


Easier than plug and play

SmartBarrel lives on its own indoor or outdoor. Designed to be a workhorse from anywhere, no assistance/maintenance needed.


Worker check-ins made ridiculously simple

We made it easy to monitor accurate and fraud-free worker check-ins. No smartphone app needed. This is what hassle-free looks like, it’s SmartBarrel.


All the moving parts simplified for collaboration

SmartBarrel helps your team stay in sync, from the cloud to our intuitive dashboard. We provide the data points all your departments need to work seamlessly, together.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

We design with your feedback, therefore we are an industry tailored solution. SmartBarrel takes into consideration your pain points and made them painless.

Field Enclosure

SmartBarrel withstands all the elements, even humans. Solar powered and self-dependent, no assistance needed.

Wall Mount

SmartBarrel has a magnetic personality and can survive alone, mounted indoor/outdoor. Ruggedly and safely appointed for your operations.

Mobile App

Mission control at your fingertips. Cross platform check-in and data tracking from anywhere in realtime. Not just another app, this is your new and most effective management companion on the go.

a powerful ecosystem

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