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The easiest way to track your labor

Our solution is built to eliminate all excuses and get the most accurate information from the field in the simplest way possible.

Rugged biometric time-clock

Collect employee hours for payroll and job costing purposes with a direct feed into your ERP/Payroll solution with biometric facial verification.

Field friendly solution

A simple solution that all employees can get behind, don’t let technology be a roadblock. SmartBarrel is the only solution that all employees embrace.

More than a time clock, a labor solution

Track phase codes and split shifts across multiple phase codes, track union & wage codes, certified payroll jobs and even ensure that all employees are wearing their safety gear.

Daily logs

With our box and SMS communication prefill and automate your daily logs with hours worked, weather data, work performed, safety incidents and more

Verified Punch

Advanced Timesheet

ERP & Payroll Integrations

Providing everything that you need and more than you expect in a work space

Round Up

Automatically adjust all punches to the closest 15th or 30th minute. i.e. 7:04 AM -> 7:00 AM

Automatic Break

Automatic Shift Break Calculator i.e. Shift 8 hours to 10 hours -> Break -> 30 minutes


Tag the shifts with as many variables as you want, track phases, floors, prevailing wages or any other flags on your shifts.

Payment Profiles

Build your own business logic rules into an easy user friendly dashboard.

Workers Documents

All your workers documents centralized in one location.

SMS communication

Alert, notify or request in formation from your workers using the power of SMS messaging.

"SmartBarrel gave us a solution that is very easy for our crew to use, and we can manage it from the office; that’s the number one advantage I see."

Vivian Jimenez
JGR Construction

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With SmartBarrel, I can keep track of our employees’ time and monitor them via digital device at home or from our main office. It is wonderful that it doesn’t require power to work because it can function with solar panels.

Aimee Anillo
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve designed this to be the easiest process so you can get buy in from all employees! All the employee needs to do is enter in their phone number or scan a fob and the SmartBarrel device will take their picture – and just like that – the employee is clocked in! They will get an SMS sent to their phone to let them know they are clocked in.

Nope! We use Machine Learning technology so the SmartBarrel device will recognize who the employee is without needing to upload any pictures!

Yes, absolutely! This is actually a feature the SmartBarrel offers- it tracks and will show you if employees are wearing PPE & masks for safety purposes – impress your safety manager today!

We can sync with your ERP solution, or you can upload employee information via an excel upload.

There are numerous reports available including Daily Project Timesheet, Worker Timesheet, Company Weekly Timesheet, Cost Code Report, Project Weekly Timesheet, Employee Time Card and more!

Yes, absolutely! We have round up rules in place, so you have it automatically round up to the 15th or 30th minute interval. The employee will also receive an SMS letting them know that the clock in time has been rounded.

Yes of course, we can sync with your ERP solution or Procore so all cost codes will automatically be in SmartBarrel or we can upload them via excel!

Yes, on the project dashboard, your superintendent or field foreman can go in and assign cost codes against the employee hours in real time and these can flow through for approval for the Project Manager or Payroll Manager. We also have a roll forward rule, where the cost codes will default to the one used the day before  until they are changed.

Yes, you can easily split an employee’s time across multiple cost items!

Yes, you can apply automatic lunch break rules and can also set up a notification to remind employees to take a lunch break.

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