Digitize your construction timekeeping and payroll

The SmartBarrel device automates recording employee hours through an intuitive, easy-to-use worker clock-in, clock-out process. Biometric facial verification ensures error-free construction time reporting and tracking for contractors. 


Optimize time tracking for contractors by having the SmartBarrel device collect accurate employee hours, and boost efficiency in construction accounting with digitized bookkeeping. Ease of use, approved construction timesheets, automated data, and construction time clock reports streamline the timekeeping and payroll process.


Easy use

The SmartBarrel device makes time tracking for contractors and the worker clock-in and clock-out process simple. It’s convenient and user-friendly, with little to no training required. 

Advanced biometric facial verification

Advanced biometric facial verification

Make buddy punching a thing of the past and ensure error-free time tracking on construction sites with biometrics. Workers check-in through a biometric facial verification to verify their identity and scan for safety PPE gear.

Accurate and accessible data

The SmartBarrel device is a construction time tracking software solution that provides you with the most precise data, which you can access at any time from anywhere. Data you can trust is data you can use.

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SmartBarrel daily log report

Valuable insights from time tracking reports

Access a variety of construction time tracking reports at the click of a button. Company-wide timesheets, project timesheets, employee time cards, and daily logs can be run by day or week, providing you with actionable insights. Cut costs and improve profits with data-driven decision making. It’s an employee time reporting software solution that every worker will get behind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction employees use various methods for time tracking, including a traditional pen and paper to record their hours, time clocks, GPS tracking, or biometrics. The SmartBarrel device utilizes facial recognition technology to verify attendance, making signing in and out a quick and simple process.

The clock in and out method depends on what time tracking method a company mandates, but workers signing in or out usually have their hours populated onto construction timesheets. The most easy-to-use and fool-proof method involves a device that validates a worker’s presence on-site, which the SmartBarrel device does through biometric facial recognition.

These days, construction time tracking for contractors is often done technologically. Efficient timekeeping and time management involve various construction time tracking software.


Yes, the U.S. Department of Labor permits employers to round time in 15-minute intervals, as long as it’s not being used to cut labor costs. The SmartBarrel device can be programmed to do all of this automatically, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting an employee’s construction time card.

You can set up automatic lunch breaks or state-required breaks with the SmartBarrel device, and can have it automatically deducted from an employee’s total hour count.

Construction payroll and timekeeping software automates the accounting process and assists with managing costs, creating reports, and conducting direct deposits. It takes into account taxes to be paid and labor regulations. SmartBarrel integrates with existing construction payroll software, making it perfect for small and large businesses alike.