Simple and efficient construction site safety tracking

Contractors can rest assured with our easy-to-use safety tracking feature, which combines construction site PPE verification, on-site incident tracking, easy employee onboarding & message broadcasting capabilities.


Mitigate risk on the jobsite, streamline the onboarding process, and scan for PPE equipmentall with help of SmartBarrel, the ultimate workforce management tool for contractors.


Accurate construction site PPE tracking

Tired of checking in? SmartBarrel’s construction site PPE tracking feature enables you to track and display whether workers are wearing their personal protective equipment and masks. Stay on top of safety compliance and never lose track of your jobsite.

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Convenient construction incident reporting

Reduce risk with SmartBarrel’s construction safety feature through detailed and automatically updated construction incident reports. Keep your workforce and construction site safety-compliant at all times.

Manage incident reports

SmartBarrel’s safety management feature allows you to manage detailed reports on safety incidents so your workplace remains worry-free.

Easy access

SmartBarrel lets you access worker employee documentation at any time, including expiry dates. All records are located in one centralized location for your convenience.

User-friendly interface

SmartBarrel is designed to be intuitive to new users, which makes it easy to set up and use immediately.

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Quicker construction onboarding & orientation

Cut your admin time in half by having SmartBarrel’s construction safety management feature help you automatically generate badge IDs.

You can check safety training progress for subcontractors and more with SmartBarrel’s construction workforce onboarding.

Efficient communication on the jobsite

Establish seamless communication throughout your workforce with SmartBarrel’s broadcast messaging feature, which allows you to communicate construction site safety updates, alerts, and announcements to your employees instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction safety management (CSM) is the process of identifying and evaluating general construction hazards, assessing their associated risk to employees, determining safe work procedures, training employees in these procedures, and monitoring the activities to ensure compliance with the stated procedures.

Construction site safety requirements include, but are not limited to, following all regulations and laws that ensure the safety and health of all workers on-site on a local and federal level. This includes training and enforcement in the use of personal protective equipment. All worker certifications should also be verified to ensure that they’re able to safely operate vehicles and use tools/equipment on-site. Jobsite safety requires proper ventilation, fire protection and prevention, and regulation of confined spaces.

Refer to OSHA for more detailed information.

A contractor should look for construction safety management software that’s easy to use and provides the necessary information quickly and efficiently. It should be flexible enough to meet each contractor’s needs without requiring much maintenance or training. The program should also provide key metrics for management, so they can compare actual performance to the targets set out in their construction site safety plan.

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