Biometric access control system for construction

Construction Site Biometric Access Control

Prevent unauthorized access with facial verification.

Use AI-powered facial verification to ensure only verified workers have access to your jobsites.

Your site. Your rules.

Biometric access control.

With AI-powered facial verification, only approved and verified workers gain access to your construction sites. Guaranteed.

Easy setup. Full compatibility.

Mount, sync worker data, and start using in less than 5 minutes. Easily connect to turnstile or maglock access points.

CYA (Cover-Your-Ass) reports.

Automatically log (and verify) every worker that enters and leaves your site. Monitor access logs in real-time and easily export Excel reports.

Advanced biometric facial verification

Tired of unauthorized access?

Traditional access control solutions fall short.

Keys, cards, and codes are convenient -- but they can be lost, shared, or stolen. And fingerprint sensors may be secure, but they just weren't made for the dirt and dust of a real construction site.

SmartBarrel fixes all of that.

AI-powered facial verification ensures only authorized workers get access to your site. And SmartBarrel's rugged, weatherproof design ensures that it works in any condition -- rain, shine, or grime.

How it works.

How SmartBarrel's construction biometric access control system saves time, secures your site, and gives you peace of mind.

Set up in 5 minutes.

Mount the magnetic, solar-powered device near your access point. No screws or fasteners required. Connect it directly to a turnstile or maglock and start using it.

SmartBarrel in jobsite

Onboard effortlessly.

Easily collect worker information with mobile onboarding forms. Automatically generate badge IDs for each worker with a single scan -- no need to upload photos.

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Secure your jobsite.

Workers approach the gate and punch in (using a fob, access card, or by typing in their phone number). The system automatically scans their face and verifies their identity.


Improve site safety.

SmartBarrel uses AI to automatically scan your workers for PPE usage on check-in, prompting workers to gear up if they're missing any equipment.

Monitor in real-time.

See precisely who enters and leaves your sites -- in real-time, broken down by crew and company. Get detailed access logs and reporting for effortless compliance.

manpower tracking for certified payroll

More than just construction site access control.

Monitor when workers enter and leave the site, log hours worked, and autofill daily logs.

Badge IDs

Auto-generate badge IDs for all of your workers.

Hours Worked

Automatic, 100% accurate time tracking for your crews.

Live Headcount

Always know which crews and workers are on site -- in real-time.

Safety Tracking

Automatically scan to ensure workers are wearing PPE on check-in.

Broadcast Messaging

Easily message all workers on the site with a click of a button.

Procore Integration

Autofill Procore daily logs with verified manpower by company.

Enhanced site security.

Biometric facial verification eliminates the risks associated with lost, stolen, or shared keys and access codes. It ensures that only authorized workers get access.

construction manpower tracking software showing what teams are on site and which workers

Real-time visibility.

Get a bird's eye view of your site security in real time. See precisely who's on site, when they got there, what they do, and who they work for.

Effortless compliance.

SmartBarrel is designed to help you easily comply with all relevant security, safety, and privacy regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartBarrel can be seamlessly connected with your existing access control systems, like turnstiles or maglock doors, and can also generate access logs in real-time for continuous monitoring.

Yes, SmartBarrel is designed to handle facial recognition even when the workers are wearing PPE like masks, glasses, or hard hats. It is tailored for the construction industry and can reliably recognize and verify workers in typical jobsite conditions.

SmartBarrel uses advanced facial verification technology to control site access. This means only verified employees who clock in with a face scan can gain access, reducing the risk of unauthorized access significantly.

SmartBarrel is designed to be rugged and weatherproof, able to withstand the harsh conditions of a construction site. Whether it’s rain, dust, or snow, SmartBarrel performs reliably.

SmartBarrel can automatically generate ID badges for new hires based on the facial recognition process. This significantly reduces the administrative time and effort required for onboarding.

SmartBarrel is designed to be fully compliant with data privacy laws and regulations. All data is securely encrypted and stored, and the system is built to prioritize the privacy and security of your workers’ information.

No, SmartBarrel is designed for a straightforward, hassle-free setup process. You don’t need a dedicated IT team to deploy it. Plus, our customer support team is always ready to assist you with any setup or operational questions.

SmartBarrel provides real-time access logs, allowing you to monitor site access continuously. This data can be invaluable in case of audits or labor law inquiries, helping you prove compliance with all necessary regulations.

While this page focuses on the Access Control use case, SmartBarrel offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed for construction sites. This includes time tracking, manpower planning, productivity monitoring, and more. You can explore these different features and choose the ones that best suit your needs.