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Construction Daily Report App and Software

Eliminate the hassle of daily logs.

Stop pestering your crew for updates. Automate reporting and get daily logs from anywhere, in real-time.

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No more paperwork.

100% accurate headcount.

Know exactly who’s on your site (and when) with 100% certainty using biometric facial verification.

Automated daily reporting.

Get real-time data on labor, productivity, job progress, weather, and incidents — with zero paperwork.

Paperless work summaries.

Workers submit work summaries and notes through the app, and they automatically flow into your project dashboard.

How it works.

Discover how SmartBarrel's construction daily log software automates your reporting and saves you hours every week.

Biometric headcount tracking.

SmartBarrel's time clock and app use AI-powered facial verification to scan your workers. So you'll know precisely who is on your jobsite, broken down by company and team.

real-time data from jobsite for construction daily log

Real-time weather tracking.

Track real-time weather on every jobsite and get by-the-hour forecasts. Anticipate delays in advance and automatically log weather events that impact your sites.

Effortless work summaries.

Workers can easily keep head office in the loop by texting project updates to a dedicated number, or by using the app to submit detailed reports with photos.

automating work summaries with construction daily log app

Fully automated daily logs.

SmartBarrel automatically collects all of this data (including SMS reports) and organizes it in a simple and easy-to-use daily log for every project -- saving you hours (and the headache) of manual entry.

Automatically track everything that matters.

A construction daily report software that logs everything you need, and nothing you don't.

construction daily log software


Automate your timesheets and achieve 100% accuracy.


Always know precisely who is on your jobsite (and when).

Cost Codes

Track labor cost codes in real-time across jobsites and projects.


Simplify and automate incident reporting to maximize compliance.

Work Summaries

Make work summaries a breeze and stay on top of your projects.


See real-time weather reports and on-the-hour forecasts for all of your sites.

More than just a construction daily log.

SmartBarrel is a suite of solutions built for construction companies. It helps you automate the BS and focus on the work that actually matters.

The Hardware.

Solar-powered and magnet-mounted, SmartBarrel’s time clock makes paper timecards obsolete and saves you thousands every month.

The Mobile App.

Use biometrics and geo-fencing to verify clock-ins, submit incident reports and work summaries, and initiate toolbox talks.

The Software.

Get real-time visibility into all of your projects and crews. Analyze productivity and progress. Regain control over your projects.

Time is money. Save both.

Biometric clock-in and automated daily logs can help you save more than $4,285 per worker -- every year. And that's not counting the averted headache of payroll disputes (and subsequent therapy sessions).

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smart Barrel Construction workforce

Make reporting painless.

The easier you make it for your workers to send reports, the more likely they'll do it. And with automated SMS prompts and a user-friendly app, SmartBarrel makes it easier than ever. So no excuses.

No broken telephone.

Eliminate miscommunication and confusion. Schedule and send broadcast messages to your entire crew. Keep everyone in the loop about weather, site shutdowns, policy changes, and more.

SmartBarrel Communication Broadcasting
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Seamless integrations.

SmartBarrel natively integrates with many of the tools you already use, including Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI. Automatically send data to your preferred construction management software, and save hours on manual entry.

Leave your clipboard in the truck.

With SmartBarrel, you won’t need it. Discover how you can automate your daily reporting, eliminate errors, and effortlessly keep your projects on track.

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