Construction employee onboarding simplified

SmartBarrel’s plug-and-play device makes construction onboarding easy by letting you add worker profiles with a touch of a button. Thanks to the intuitive design, it’s easy to use for new hires, making onboarding and orientation on the jobsite effortless.


The SmartBarrel device facilitates onboarding without the need for specialized personnel. Modern and user-friendly, the system allows peak efficiency in adding worker profiles and getting new personnel set up and ready to work.


Construction ID badges are automatically generated

Speed up the process of construction onboarding by having worker ID badges generated instantly, without all the unnecessary paperwork. Get workers in the field and working quicker than ever before.

Verified safety training for construction workers

Need to confirm safety training for your construction employees? The SmartBarrel device makes worker onboarding and orientation more secure by validating that subcontractors can work only when they’ve completed all the necessary steps.

Get verified records of safety training

Be 100% confident that your workforce’s safety training records are completed and up to date with SmartBarrel’s onboarding feature.

Collect emergency contact information

Keep your employees’ emergency information organized and at hand with the help of SmartBarrel to avoid any last-minute chaos in case of emergency at the jobsite.

Personal protective equipment verification

Make sure your construction employees are wearing personal protective equipment at all times with SmartBarrel’s PPE tracking feature.

Empower your employees

Employee onboarding becomes more autonomous, assisting workers while ensuring independence in training and set-up.

With features guaranteeing safety, general contractors can be at ease knowing workers on the field will be sufficiently prepared.

Reduce compliance risks

By guaranteeing that your job site is compliant with current safety regulations with the SmartBarrel device, you reduce risk and liability, saving your company time and money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction safety onboarding involves introducing the company’s commitment to safety, worker safety orientation, and safety training. Monthly check-ins are usually done to ensure that employees are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment to do their jobs safely, which the SmartBarrel device helps to verify. Management can create a safer work environment with SmartBarrel.

The SmartBarrel device assists with onboarding by automatically generating construction ID badges, verifying construction site safety training for subcontractors, and reducing compliance risks. Through automated verification, the onboarding process becomes much faster and easier, saving general contractors time that they’ll be able to spend on other parts of the project.

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