Subcontractor Time Tracking

Struggling with buddy punching, manual entry, and mountains of paperwork?

Never again. SmartBarrel's foolproof time tracking helps you get 100% accurate timesheets on every job. Guaranteed.

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100% accurate time tracking, made stupid easy.

Set up in 5 minutes and never worry about timesheets again.

The Hardware.

Magnetically mount the box anywhere on your jobsite and hit 100% time tracking accuracy with advanced biometric facial verification.

The Mobile App.

Download the app and use it as a secondary clock-in kiosk, leveraging the same advanced biometrics to ensure accuracy.

The Software.

Monitor and manage your sites from anywhere with an intuitive, cross-platform software. Get full jobsite visibility with real-time data.

Battle tested for specialty trades.

Whatever makes time tracking hard in your trade, SmartBarrel makes it easy.


Planned power shutdowns on the jobsite? No problem. SmartBarrel is solar powered.


Unlike competing biometric solutions, SmartBarrel is immune to dust. In fact, it looks better dirty.


Weather events and shifting schedules make time tracking a mess? Not with SmartBarrel.


Don't have a box on every site your workers visit? No problem. Just use the app.


Seamless, always on connectivity for even the most remote jobsites.


Don't make your crew walk miles to clock in and out. Turn any mobile phone into a time tracking kiosk.


The secret to infallible time tracking.

SmartBarrel uses AI-driven biometric facial verification to ensure 100% time tracking accuracy. In simple talk, it scans your face and automatically logs your clock-in and clock-out times. So no buddy punching, no fudging the numbers, and no excuses.

Effortless tracking, error-proof insights.

Time Tracking

Say goodbye to paper timecards. Effortlessly track who's working (and for how long) on every job.


Monitor who's on your sites in real-time, ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget.

Access Control

Boost safety and security by controlling site access. Keep your secure from unauthorized personnel.

Daily Logs

Automate your daily logs with real-time data, saving valuable field and office hours.

Jobsite Analytics

Take control with precise insights on project progress and job costs. Make decisions based on facts, not guesses.


Keep your crew in the loop about weather, policy, or updates with broadcast messaging.

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Save time and money on every job.

Foolproof clock-in ensures that you only pay for hours worked. Automated daily logs save you hours every week. Real-time monitoring and analytics keeps your job costs under control.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Effortlessly communicate with your entire team. Trigger questions and notifications throughout the day to improve compliance from your workers.

SmartBarrel Communication Broadcasting
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Seamlessly integrate into your systems.

SmartBarrel works with all of your existing systems and processes -- with native integrations for platforms like ProCore, CMIC, and PowerBI.