Build the perfect Power BI dashboard with accurate data.

Effortlessly visualize any of your labor data with SmartBarrel's native Power BI integration.

Automating daily logs for construction with biometric time tracking

Get your field data in Power BI.

SmartBarrel collects 100% accurate labor data from the field, and our connector sends that data right into your Power BI.

Customize your dashboards.

Build the perfect report for any function with cross-platform data integration. Combine SmartBarrel's verified data with any other data source to get accurate, actionable reports for CFOs, risk mitigators, etc.

Automate your reporting.

Whether you're analyzing productivity, manpower, or labor costs -- there's no need for spreadsheets. Once configured, verified data is pushed into your existing reports without you lifting a finger.

Get real-time alerts.

Combine Power BI's alert feature with SmartBarrel's real-time data to ensure you can react immediately to cost overruns or labor issues.

How it works.

Discover how SmartBarrel's Power BI integration saves you up to 16 hours per week and $4,097+ per worker, per year.

Effortless sync.

Sync projects, sub jobs, cost codes, and employees between SmartBarrel and Power BI.

construction manpower tracking software showing what teams are on site and which workers

5 minute field setup.

Magnetically mount SmartBarrel's biometric facial verification timekeeping hardware at entry points on your site.

SmartBarrel in jobsite

Automatic data collection.

Workers start clocking in with facial verification. Timesheet, project, job, phase, and task data is collected in real-time and streamed to SmartBarrel's dashboard.


Effortless data transfer.

SmartBarrel automatically transfers field data directly into Power BI in real-time.


Construction BI, your way.

Using Google Workspace or Tableau? No problem. SmartBarrel integrates into any BI platform to provide you with 100% accurate data.