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Portable Time Clock for Construction

Bring 100% accurate time tracking to any jobsite.

Portable, rugged, and solar-powered, SmartBarrel's time clock uses advanced biometric facial verification to ensure 100% accurate timesheets. Guaranteed.

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The only buddy-punch proof portable time clock in construction.


Tough-as-nails and built for the most demanding construction sites, SmartBarrel is impervious to rain, snow, dust, and dirt.

Error proof.

SmartBarrel’s AI-powered biometrics scan your face on clock-in and clock-out to ensure completely error proof time tracking.



Light-weight and magnetic, SmartBarrel’s device can be easily carried to any jobsite and mounted without screws or fasteners.


Solar-powered and LTE connected, SmartBarrel is completely self-contained. No need for IT or electrical to set it up. 

Advanced biometric facial verification

The only time clock you can trust 100%.

Paper timesheets are annoying and unreliable. Fobs, cards, and codes can be handed to a buddy. And fingerprint scanners simply weren't made for the dust and dirt of a real construction site.

AI-Powered facial verification fixes all of that. It's the most convenient way for your workers to clock in (no need for fobs, IDs, or phones), it's 100% accurate and fair (no more buddy punching or payroll disputes), and it just works -- in any environment.

More than just a jobsite time clock.

SmartBarrel gives you everything you need to automate timesheets and daily logs, monitor your workers in real-time, and stay on top of job productivity.

The Mobile App.

Ideal for smaller jobs, use the app to turn any phone or tablet into a clock-in kiosk with the same advanced biometrics that ensure 100% accuracy.

The Software.

Automate your timesheets, slash manual entry, get real-time daily log reports, send broadcast messages, and manage your jobsites remotely.

Stupid easy setup.

Mount the clock anywhere on your site, upload your employee info, and start tracking shifts with 100% accuracy in less than 5 minutes.

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Effortless cost savings.

Save hours every week on manual entry, eliminate buddy punching and timecard errors, and take control of your job costs with real-time data.

Happier workers.

No one likes being chased for their timecards or arguing about payroll. SmartBarrel puts an end to that headache with 100% fair and objective time tracking.

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Never worry about timesheets again.

Stop letting payroll and time tracking issues hold you back. Discover how SmartBarrel helps you regain control and peace of mind.