Construction Cost and Productivity Tracking Solution

Automate cost tracking. Get back on budget.

Completely automated labor and productivity tracking. Intuitive, easy-to-use project cost reports. Real savings.

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Saved at head office every week

No more guesswork.

SmartBarrel uses an AI-powered time clock to automate data-collection from the field and an intuitive software to easily assign cost codes and track project profitability.

100% accurate labor data.

SmartBarrel’s time clock uses AI-powered biometrics to verify who worked and for how long with 100% accuracy.

Effortless cost-code tracking.

Tag cost codes directly from the site using SmartBarrel’s intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Crystal clear cost reporting.

Easily compare your labor estimates to actual labor costs for every project — in real time.

Advanced biometric facial verification

Tired of going over budget?

Still banking on paper reporting and jumbled spreadsheets for cost tracking?

That ends now.

With SmartBarrel's AI-powered labor tracking -- you can throw out your clipboards. You'll not only save your crew hours every week on manual tracking and data entry, you'll also rest easy knowing your labor costing is 100% accurate.

Say goodbye to crumpled timecards and hello to on-budget projects.

How it works.

How SmartBarrel's construction productivity tracking helps you keep project costs under control.

Set up in 5 minutes.

Mount SmartBarrel's AI-powered time clock anywhere on your jobsite, sync worker data, and start using it within 5 minutes.


Automate data collection.

As workers sign in, all labor hours are automatically tracked and assigned to the correct project. No manual entry required.


Easily tag labor hours.

Tag each worker shift with the correct task or phase using and easily split shifts across multiple cost codes.

cost code tracking for construction

Get your projects on track.

Compare your estimated labor against actual labor. Measure worker efficiency with production tracking. All in real-time.

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Your construction cost tracking dashboard.

Effortlessly track and manage construction labor across projects.

cost code tracking for construction

Labor Tracking

Get 100% accurate, AI-verified labor tracking from the field.

Tasks and Phases

Know where every labor dollar is going with cost code assignments.

Cost Code Carryover

Put in the cost code once, and it carries over to the next day.


Track productivity by project, company, trade, or worker.

Daily Reports

Auto-generate daily reports and save hours on manual entry.

Data Sync

Accurate hours automatically flow into Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI.

Instant cost savings.

By eliminating buddy punching and time tracking errors, SmartBarrel saves you money on its first day of use. Contractors see an average savings of $4,285 per worker, per year.

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Accurate labor costing.

With 100% accurate time tracking and real-time reporting, SmartBarrel ensures your labor costs will never catch you off guard again.

Seamless integrations.

Save hours on manual entry and reporting. Automatically send labor and productivity data to Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI. Export reports to Excel with one click.