Construction Time Tracking Software

Easily automate your construction time tracking.

Automate worker clock-ins and timesheets, easily assign cost codes, and push labor data to payroll. Save 16 hours weekly.

No more paperwork.

SmartBarrel's construction time tracking software replaces your clipboards and paper logs.

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Time and Break Rules

Easily set clock-in, clock-out, time rounding, and break rules.

Automatic OT / DT

Automatically calculate overtime and doubletime for your workers.

Cost Codes

Track labor cost codes in real-time across jobsites and projects.

Sub Management

Track time for all companies including temp labor and subs on the project.

Procore Integration

Send data directly to Procore, autofill daily logs, and run payroll.

Union Compliance

Automatically comply to union shift and break rules.

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Saved on manual entry every year
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How it works.

How SmartBarrel's construction time tracking software automates manual work and saves you money.

Two ways to clock in.

Get workers to punch in on SmartBarrel's LTE-connected, solar-powered time clock or just use the app. SmartBarrel's AI and geofencing automatically verify their identity and location.

Automated timesheets.

As workers get verified on clock-in and clock-out, you get automatically filled timesheets with all of the data you need -- including project, location, hours worked, and breaks.


Simple cost code tracking.

Track tasks and phases by adding cost codes to each shift on a simple, user-intuitive dashboard. Easily split shifts and automatically carry over cost codes to the next day.

cost code tracking for construction

Easy data collection.

Automatically track PPE with AI, prompt workers to send incident reports and daily work summaries via text message, and see everything in one simple dashboard.

SmartBarrel Solution

Auto-filled daily logs.

Automatically collect all the information you need for daily logs. Track weather and conditions, headcount and manpower, progress, and work summaries.


Seamless integrations.

SmartBarrel offers native integrations into the most popular construction software, eliminating the need for manual entry.

smartBarrel Access accurate

No more time tracking headaches.

Forget crumpled timecards, illegible writing, unverifiable hours, and endless payroll disputes. Get 100% accurate time tracking with zero paper work and zero manual entry. See it for yourself.

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