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The easiest way to track time on site.

One-touch, error-proof clock in with biometric facial verification.

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Meet the only construction time clock app you'll ever need.

Biometric facial verification.

SmartBarrel’s app uses AI-powered facial verification. In simple terms, it scans your face on clock-in — making buddy punching and errors impossible. 

So easy your grandma could use it.

SmartBarrel’s app makes clocking in and out simpler than ever. Just type in your phone number and the app automatically scans your face. That’s it.

Seamless integrations.

SmartBarrel’s software and app send data directly to your existing software including Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI. No need for manual entry.

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Eliminate the BS with biometrics and geo-fencing.

Timecards and manual entry apps are prone to errors, which cost you thousands of dollars every month. Biometric facial verification and geo-fencing fix all of that. By verifying each clock-in, SmartBarrel ensures 100% time tracking accuracy, saving you time, money, and the headache of payroll disputes.

Three easy ways to clock in.

For Individuals

Use punch mode to clock in with one tap whenever you get to the job site.

For Small Crews

Use kiosk mode to clock in on a supervisor's phone or a dedicated tablet.

For Larger Crews

For 10 or more workers on the jobsite, use the rugged, solar-powered hardware time clock.

Take control of the field with a single, simple construction time tracking app.

Time Rules

Easily set clock-in and clock-out rules, break rules, and round up rules.

Shift Approval

Take full control over shift approvals before processing payroll.

Shift Edits

Edit shifts and add notes for full transparency and fairness.

Daily Logs

Automate your daily logs and eliminate manual paperwork.


Know exactly what's happening with your projects and workers in real-time.


Quickly message your entire field crew with important announcements.

More than just a construction time clock app.

SmartBarrel gives you everything you need to triumph over timesheet BS and take full control of the field.

The Hardware.

Get a dedicated portable time clock with biometric verification that doubles as an access control point to keep your jobsites secure.

The Software.

Included free of charge with the app, SmartBarrel’s head office software gives you full visibility and control over the field.

Effortless setup. Stress-free tracking.

Download SmartBarrel's construction time tracking app, sync your employee info (no need to provide photos), and start tracking with 100% accuracy in less than 5 minutes.

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Full visibility. On-track projects.

SmartBarrel's included head office software makes monitoring and managing the field a breeze. Keep your projects on track and your costs under control.

Completely fair time tracking. Happy teams.

SmartBarrel guarantees objective and error proof time tracking for your construction projects. So you'll never have to argue about payroll again.

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No more time tracking headaches.

Stop letting payroll and time tracking issues hold you back. Discover how SmartBarrel helps you regain control and peace of mind. 

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