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Construction grade job site management.

Forget spreadsheets and clipboards. SmartBarrel gives you a live count of every worker, trade, and job site so you can stay compliant and cover your butt.

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Get total visibility into your job sites.

Your sites. Buttoned up tight. Crews in formation. Ship shape and battle ready. This isn't amateur hour - it's go time.

Know who's where, doing what.

Always know which subcontractors are on site, when they arrive, and when they leave. No more guessing games.

Bulletproof compliance and access control.

Effortlessly generate compliance reports. Restrict site access. Ensure 100% OSHA compliance without the hassle.

Automate admin work.

Auto-populate Procore daily logs, manpower counts, and timecards. Hours of weekly admin work gone in seconds.

CYA on labor compliance.

Don't sweat certified payroll. SmartBarrel guarantees 100% accurate timesheets that stand up to any auditor for prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon jobs.

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How it works.

Discover how SmartBarrel's software for general contractors slashes risk and saves you hours every week.

Set up in minutes.

Mount our rugged, weatherproof biometric devices at site entrances. Sync your subcontractor data. That's it - you're tracking manpower with pinpoint accuracy within 5 minutes.

Checkin V2

Clock-in with AI verification.

Your subs clock in with facial verification. No ghost workers on your sites - SmartBarrel verifies identities instantly.

Track your sites in real time.

Monitor all your sites and crews from one centralized dashboard. Live updates on headcount, hours, cost codes, and more.

construction manpower tracking software showing what teams are on site and which workers

Automated daily logs.

SmartBarrel auto-populates daily logs for every project, site, and sub - eliminating hours of manual paperwork.

Streamline certified payroll.

Significantly reduce time spent on certified payroll reporting for Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage jobs. Eliminate illegible timecards, tracking inconsistencies, and manual followups.

manpower tracking for certified payroll

Job site management made painless.

Automate the most time consuming parts of managing your sites and subs.

Precise Manpower

Track every worker across all your sites accurately. Know who's on site when.

Verified Timesheets

100% accurate timecards for certified payroll. No more manual verification.

Sub Management

Gain visibility and effortlessly manage multiple crews and companies.

Access Control

Restrict site access to authorized workers. Get real-time access logs.

Task Tracking

Populate cost codes for every worker. Effortlessly track project expenses.

Daily Logs

Eliminate manual daily report data entry. Auto-fill Procore daily logs.

Save 16+ hours weekly.

SmartBarrel eliminates countless hours wasted on manual tracking, data entry, and timesheet verification. Reclaim your week.

screenshot of smartbarrel's manpower tracking software for construction

Reduce compliance risk.

Guaranteed accurate timesheets and foolproof documentation. Eliminate time spent on verification with 100% accurate logs, guaranteed.

Button up your job sites.

Restrict access to authorized subs only. Automatically detect PPE (or lack thereof). Gain full visibility and control.


Seamlessly integrate.

Push data automatically into virtually any construction software your team is using, including CMiC, Procore, Viewpoint, Foundation, ComputerEASE, Sage, Quickbooks, and trusty old Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartBarrel uses advanced facial recognition technology to verify each worker’s identity every time they clock in and out, making buddy punching impossible. Employees can clock in their phone number or scanning their badge and getting their picture taken by the biometric device. The employee’s face is biometrically verified to guarantee accurate tracking. Manual verification and ghost workers are things of the past.

SmartBarrel offers turnkey integrations with the leading construction management platforms like CMiC, Procore, Viewpoint, Foundation, ComputerEASE, Sage, Quickbooks and more. Worker timesheets, job site logs, and other data is automatically synced from SmartBarrel to your existing systems so you have a single source of truth. If you use proprietary software, SmartBarrel can export data via API or CSV so you can easily import it.