construction manpower tracking software showing what teams are on site and which workers

Construction Manpower Tracking

100% certainty. Zero BS.

Use AI-powered biometric facial verification to stamp out risk and liability in the field. Always know exactly who's on your site (and how long they've been there).

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Meet your automated jobsite supervisor.

Eliminate the risk and liability of crumpled timecards, pen-and-paper logs, and manual headcounts with a biometric time clock.

100% accurate manpower tracking.

Use AI-based facial verification to scan workers on clock-in and clock-out. See precisely who’s on your site in real-time, broken down by subcontractor.

Advanced access control.

Attach the SmartBarrel device to a turnstile or maglock and protect your jobsite with AI-powered facial verification.

Seamless integration.

SmartBarrel automatically sends data to software you already use, including Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI. Or you can export to CSV with one click.


Effortlessly streamline compliance.

If you're working on federal or state-funded projects, you're likely spending hours every week creating and reviewing compliance reports -- for every project. By automating manpower tracking and guaranteeing 100% accurate timesheets, SmartBarrel makes compliance management a breeze.

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How it works.

Discover how SmartBarrel's manpower tracking solution slashes risk and saves you hours every week.

Set up in 5 minutes.

Magnetically mount the weatherproof, solar-powered time clock anywhere on your jobsite, sync your worker data, and get 100% accurate manpower tracking -- in less than 5 minutes.

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Error-proof your tracking.

Workers start and end their shifts by typing in their phone number. SmartBarrel uses AI-powered facial verification to automatically verify every single clock-in. No training necessary.

Keep your jobsites safe.

Protect your sites with biometric access control, scan every worker for proper PPE usage, and always know who is on your site and what credentials they have.

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Automate your reporting.

Get real-time reports from all of your jobsites. See manpower broken down by subcontractor and company, review timesheets, track cost codes, monitor PPE usage, and read work summaries.

Streamline certified payroll.

Significantly reduce time spent on certified payroll reporting for Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage jobs. Eliminate illegible timecards, tracking inconsistencies, and manual followups.

manpower tracking for certified payroll

Manpower tracking made painless.

Automate the most time consuming (and sketchy) parts of construction labor tracking.

Verified Timesheets

Eliminate the headache of paper-based time tracking.

Live Headcount

See which crews and workers are on site in real-time.

Sub Management

Gain visibility and effortlessly manage multiple crews and companies.

Access Control

Protect your jobsites with biometric facial verification.

Cost Codes

Track and manage cost codes for all crews and trades on your sites.

Daily Logs

Autofill daily reports and eliminate hours of unnecessary manual entry.

Save time and money.

SmartBarrel's manpower tracking can save you 16 hours of head office work every week, and as much as $5,000 daily with a more efficient crew sign-in process.

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Cover your ass.

Whether you're running certified payroll or are on the hook for CCIP -- SmartBarrel protects you from liability by ensuring 100% accurate data collection and indisputable timesheets.

Take control of the field.

Effortlessly track and manage manpower spread across multiple job sites, subcontractors, and crews from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, construction manpower tracking was done by pen-and-paper. Workers would either keep track of their own hours on paper timecards (a system that relies heavily on trust), and some poor supervisor would have the thankless job of doing manual counts and verifying the timecards. And if the job required certified payroll, then someone from the compliance department would have to manually follow up and verify all this information. As you can imagine, this opened the door for buddy punching, ghost workers, and clerical errors.

SmartBarrel completely automates this process. No one has to sit there with a pen and paper manually counting workers. Instead, workers  clock-in on SmartBarrel’s device when they get to work, and clock-out when they leave for the day. SmartBarrel uses advanced facial verification to verify their identities on both clock-in and clock-out, and keeps a live headcount of everyone on site.

The manual process of tracking manpower usually involves a field foreman or superintendent walking around and counting the number of workers on the jobsite. With SmartBarrel, our construction manpower tracking technology makes checking in instant so workers can not only be on the field much quicker, but you have accurate verified worker headcount available at your fingertips.

With construction manpower management technology, employee pictures don’t need to be uploaded. SmartBarrel has biometric facial recognition that uses machine learning to verify a worker’s attendance.