Construction cost tracking software to help keep track of labor costs

Manage cost codes and monitor construction phases with SmartBarrel’s intelligent construction labor cost tracking feature. Feed the data directly into your construction accounting ERP or project management solution and keep your job costing on track.


SmartBarrel is more than just a time clock. Our solution automates tasks, whether it’s  assigning cost codes, splitting cost codes across shifts, tracking productivity, or assisting with budgeting. It’s construction job cost tracking made simple.


Efficient construction cost code and phase tracking

Easy to use construction cost tracking software lets you set up or sync cost codes, split shifts across multiple phases, and report on hours by phase. Monitor construction phases, occupation, and wages to be paid, all at your fingertips.

Improve productivity and cost tracking on the job site

 We eliminate the need for you to jump through hoops and chase down workers for information, increasing transparency and speeding up the job cost and payroll process.

Get access to meaningful data

Take advantage of accurate construction cost code tracking and analytics through data from the field that you can trust.

Easy to understand insights right at your fingertips

No need to manipulate data in Excel – get automated insights that are easy to follow, saving you time and money.

Accessible all in one location

All payroll, cost tracking, and phase tracking information is centralized in one location, accessible at the drop of a hat, so you’ll never have to shuffle through file stacks again.

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Construction employee time tracking, integrated with accounting ERP and project management solutions

Manage employee time tracking and cost code tracking with ease. SmartBarrel’s construction cost tracking software feature automates the export to any payroll solution. And this solution can be integrated to sync cost codes directly with your ERP or project management software to make your job more efficient.

Minimize costs, maximize profits

Eliminate the need for labor-intensive tasks through SmartBarrel’s construction productivity tracking functionality. Maximize profits while saving time and minimizing costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction costs are usually planned out beforehand with a realistic budget and cost tracking all throughout the project. Construction cost tracking software simplifies this process and allows you to cut down on needed work by organizing any expenses and letting you adjust them as needed.

Project managers are responsible for ensuring that construction budgets are adhered to. A budget in construction cost tracking includes materials, equipment, labor, property fees, insurance, professional services, and more. Creating and managing a construction budget starts with project research and analysis, which then leads to development and documentation.

An employee’s time can be split across multiple phases as long as they’re being compensated for all hours worked according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). To ensure time is being properly accounted for, employees should have their time tracked on the job. Time tracking for employees is made easier with construction cost management software, which keeps a record of who was on site at what time, as well as work performed.

Yes, SmartBarrel can be integrated with existing construction productivity software, letting you upload, track, and manage cost codes from ERP software like Procore. Specialty contractors and subcontractors will have access to cost codes at the touch of a button.

Employee time can be attributed to phases on the job, as long as their time and work are being properly tracked. Using construction productivity tracking software gets rid of flimsy and inconvenient time cards, making the process of clocking in and out accurate, simple, and hassle-free.