Detailed construction daily log at your fingertips

Get access to an automated construction daily log that’s instantly generated and ready to present immediately. Daily reports detail key data on manpower,  work summaries, safety incidents, weather observations, and more.

SmartBarrel daily log report

SmartBarrel’s powerful construction daily log feature compiles all the important information a general contractor or subcontractor would need to track crucial aspects of a project. Be provided with a clearer picture of your job site’s daily operations.


Simplify recording subcontractor headcounts

No longer will you need to conduct long and tiring manual headcounts. SmartBarrel’s construction daily log feature is a faster and more efficient solution.

Crew members can clock in and out through biometric facial recognition, improving accuracy and saving you tons of time. 


Get useful SMS work summaries

At the end of the day, you’ll have access to a construction daily summary report detailing that day’s activities. Eliminate the back and forth and get a comprehensive daily report with all pertinent information.

Keep track of completed work on jobsite

This convenient tool lets you review an itemized summary of the work done that day, keeping you organized and aware of what’s going on at all times.

Use it as a communications tool

Along with a daily log, workers who need to report anything about a given project can communicate with you through this function.

Automated and instant data—synced with Procore!

Work summaries are electronic and automated, giving you access to data and information easily and instantly, all at your fingertips and sync directly into the Procore Daily Log.

Accurately monitor project weather and forecasts

Worried about the weather? SmartBarrel’s construction daily log feature includes hourly weather observations so you can be prepared at every turn.

Our plug-and-play device is sturdy, weatherproof, and pressure-resistant to hold up excellent against the elements.

Seamless Procore integration

Worried about transferring the data from SmartBarrel into your project management software? SmartBarrel is directly integrated with Procore, so all data is synced into the Procore Daily Log.

SB Procore

Frequently Asked Questions

A construction daily log keeps track of all the relevant information regarding a given project, its status, and the crew assigned to work on it. A superintendent or project manager is responsible for compiling logs composed of crew headcount, a summary of work executed, hours worked, and related safety incidents.

A daily log for construction projects is important to track progress made on the job to verify adherence to deadlines and budgeting. A daily report is especially important to communicate work progress to project stakeholders (i.e. owners, investors, site managers), allowing them to see advancements on the job without having to visit the construction site itself.

By paper, a construction daily report usually follows a printed template that a project manager needs to fill in detailing weather conditions, workers present, what work was conducted by which employees, and relevant comments (such as safety observations, issues, incidents, or concerns). With SmartBarrel’s construction daily log feature, daily reports are automated and can be customized as needed, cutting down on the time and tedium required to make daily reports.

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