The first collaborative labor management solution

SmartBarrel uses Biometric Facial Verification to track time for all workers on the jobsite including your own Labor, Subcontractors, and Temporary Labor. Get verified data from the field that you can trust!

Manage your workers from anywhere

One construction workforce management solution for all

Biometric Timekeeping

Keep track of hours worked by employees, per project, and assign cost codes, all verified by biometric facial verification.

Construction Workers Headcount

Track your manpower easily for a complete view of who is on your jobsite anytime, anywhere.

Safety & Productivity

Increase safety & efficiency, allowing your bottom line to prosper using the easy construction workforce management solution for every jobsite.

Daily Logs

Streamline your daily logs for a better construction workforce management experience.

Jobsite Analytics

Get accurate up-to-date insights from the field for the most in-depth construction workforce management software experience.

Workforce Communications

Ensure a seamless, instant communication with workers on site through SMS messaging


Find out how SmartBarrel enhanced the data collected from our clients’ jobsites and eliminated every workforce management hassle along the way.

Simple, yet powerful field management solution

Experience the power of biometric timekeeping

Eliminate buddy punching, excuses, and fraud with SmartBarrel’s easy-to-use plug-and-play device. Manage cost codes without the hassle, and ensure your job costing is always on track.

smartbarrel-power of biometric

Construction workforce management designed with safety in mind

Reduce risks on the job site with PPE tracking, SMS incident reporting, and an efficient onboarding process designed to enhance safety.

Expertly communicate with all workers on site

Keep workers informed at all times with SmartBarrel’s quick and efficient SMS reporting and broadcast messaging capabilities


Access accurate data from anywhere

Get the most up-to-date data and insights by accessing automated reports and daily logs right from your dashboard. Leverage customized alerts and trends with SmartBarrel’s PowerBI integration to visualize your data with ease.


Fast, Intuitive Biometric Check-in

One simple rugged device that’s easy every step of the way. Just show up the SmartBarrel WallMount 3.0 and check-in! — no installation, no training or service visits required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WallMount 3.0 is a solar-powered, LTE-connected device. It has its own cellular connection for constant connectivity.

We do not require any smartphone, app, or emailall the worker has to do is show up and check-in.

You can have as many devices as you want, devices sync up in a mesh, and workers can check in on one box and check out on another.

Pricing varies based on project scope, but devices are rented on a per-device basis. There is a SmartBarrel device for every jobsite.

You can track all your workers’ information from our cross-platform dashboard, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Yes, as long as the device has live connection it uploads the information in real time. 

The SmartBarrel device can be connected to the internet via LAN or WiFi if cellular is not available.

The SmartBarrel device is designed to stay outdoors 24/7 as long as the jobsite is operational. It is built to be accessible to all workers even if the trailer is locked.

The SmartBarrel device is equipped with GPS and can be tracked if it was to be moved from its designated location.

The SmartBarrel device can be up and running in less than an hour. It’s user-friendly and is the only workforce management solution that offers real-time location tracking and cellular connectivity. Data is accurate and verified, reducing liability. The device also comes with 24/7 customer support and has SMS communication capabilities, which is proven to have the highest rate of response.


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