Jobsite labor tracking simplified

Track construction projects and subcontractors in real-time with automation, accurate data, greater safety and speed. Procore® integrated.

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The ultimate solution

Verifiably accurate jobsite labor data, automated to reduce liability and provide greater operational efficiency.

Day-to-Day Operations

Track your entire operations from a single remote dashboard, the big picture through accurate data is always accessible.

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& Productivity

Save time and money with the most efficient timecard in the industry. Simplify your payroll process and get more done in less time.

& Liability

Beyond COVID-19 compliance and your overall jobsite safety, SmartBarrel improves your risk management by keeping accurate logs across your operations.


Patented Industry-Leading Technology & Unmatched Functionality

A smart and rugged, fraud free, and no-app required device. Exclusively built for handling all your operational needs, hassle-free.

We are loved by Procore® and their customers, just ask.

Seamlessly automate headcount, hours, work summary, and more. It’s that simple.

Delivering Results

We work with our customers to make sure we are a perfect fit to help them grow. Do you have a unique use case? We may be able to help, try us.

Live Headcount

Verified tracking of your workers in realtime.


Industry-leading timekeeping, simple and at your fingertips.

Safety & COVID-19

Safety is yours and our priority. Touch free, SMS health questionnaire, mask detection, and more.

Daily Log

Accurate record keeping of weather, labor and work summary to help reduce your liability


See the data across your operations and make better decisions.

Workers Directory

Easily find who did what, when, and where. The proof is in the data.


The Power of SmartBarrel Integrations

We bring the power of big data, automation, and a strong technological ecosystem to simplify your processes. SmartBarrel is here to support your business and grow with you.

Pandemic Risk Management

Smart working conditions and tracking is essential for worker safety and jobsite risk mitigation. SmartBarrel helps you stay compliant with CDC guidelines and other safety regulations.

What clients are saying

Never just take our word, we are results driven and our clients are the best source of feedback.

"SmartBarrel is a system that every construction site needs. At The Garrett Companies we value the importance of tracking data from day 1 of construction and with a system that is solar powered, no wifi needed, and Procore integrated it allows us to do just that. This no excuse solution has helped our team save time and eliminate guesswork. Not only is the system great but their support team has been very helpful and always listening."
Anna L.​
The Garrett Companies
"When you don't have technology on the project, you have to rely just on papers that can get lost. That is very risky with all the safety requirements, and liabilities that you can get if anything happens; such as an accident, delay of time, or delay in the manpower that we're hiring on the job. SmartBarrel is a way to implement technology in construction. It's very efficient in the way that it works"

Danny S.
NV2A Group

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