What is SmartBarrel?

- The Virtual Superintendent You’ve Been Looking For

First Real IoT connected-construction device. Providing much more than a time-clock, SmartBarrel connects managers and employees like never before.

SmartBarrel is addictive, It simply works! John - Senior Project Manager

Since its conception, SmartBarrel has aided contractors & project managers in maximizing efficiency and effort in the field.

How Can SmartBarrel Help You?

Smart Entry

No Apps, No Excuses!

Buddy-Punch Proof

Easy Connection

Connected Live Anywhere & Anytime

Real IoT device

Weather Proof

Designed for Enhanced weather protection, performance and reliability

Theft Protection

Advanced SmartBarrel GPS Theft protection systems

Self Powered

Wire-free & Grid Free, Solar Powered for extra mobility

Secure Data

All Data is encrypted and transmitted securely to the cloud

Mobile Dashboard SmartBarrel View

Why Does SmartBarrel Work?

SmartBarrel is more than a clocking device, it's a live connected device present on site feeding live information

Live Project Monitoring

Monitor your projects and employees from any location

Allocate Tasks

Allows managers to designate tasks easily

Daily Timesheet

Issue, share and archive your daily reports from anywhere and anytime

Project Overview

Dynamic project monitoring system with customizable features


Instant Payroll Report issuance and sharing

Live Weather Station

Go Get instant notifications on incoming weather conditions to keep your employees safe

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LIVE Stats Dashboard

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18707+ Total Clockings
18+ Construction Contractors
300+ Construction Workers
20+ Construction Sites

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