Construction Time Tracking Software

Get 100% accurate timesheets. Guaranteed.

SmartBarrel makes 100% accurate time tracking stupid simple — saving you hours every week, keeping your job costs on track, and eliminating all payroll disputes. 

Meet SmartBarrel.

SmartBarrel is a proven time tracking solution — purpose-built for construction. It blends rugged hardware, a user-friendly mobile app, and robust software to eliminate all of your time tracking headaches.

The Hardware.

Tough-as-nails and solar-powered, SmartBarrel’s time clock uses AI-driven facial verification that makes 100% accurate time-tracking a piece of cake.

The Mobile App.

Powered by the same advanced biometrics, SmartBarrel’s app is perfect for smaller jobsites, turning any phone or tablet into an error-proof clock-in kiosk.

The Software.

A breeze to setup and integrate with your systems,  SmartBarrel’s software lets you easily track, analyze, and manage your sites with accurate real-time data.

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Timesheet Accuracy

The best way to clock in and out.

Facial verification is simply better.

Forget about finicky finger-print sensors, gimmicky GPS tracking, and annoying wearables. SmartBarrel's AI-powered facial verification is not only easier, faster, and more reliable than competing solutions -- it is the only solution that can ensure 100% accurate time tracking.

Automate the BS. Focus on what matters.

Time Tracking

Never chase workers for their timecards again. Know exactly who worked and for how long with biometric time tracking.


Real-time headcount visibility, ensuring you know who's on-site and keeping your projects on track.

Access Control

Boost security and safety by managing site access, keeping unauthorized personnel out and your jobsite secure.

Daily Logs

Automate your daily logs with real-time data and save hours in the field and head-office.

Jobsite Analytics

Get crystal-clear insights into project progress and job costs, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.


Instantly make announcements, share policy, and update workers on weather conditions with mass messaging.

Straighten out your jobsites. No sweat.

Boost your bottom line with 100% timesheet accuracy.

Eliminate buddy punching, timesheet mistakes, and excuses with SmartBarrel’s easy-to-use construction time tracking solution. Manage cost codes without the hassle and keep job costing on track.

smartbarrel-power of biometric

Effortlessly take control of your jobsite.

Know exactly what's happening, when, and with who -- all in real-time, all in the palm of your hand.

Easily communicate with all your workers at the same time.

Keep your crew in the loop -- whether it's policy or weather updates -- using SmartBarrel's lightning-fast broadcast messages.


Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

SmartBarrel is truly plug-and-play, seamlessly integrating into your existing software and processes.

Setup in 5 minutes. Never worry about time tracking again.

1. Ship

Request the SmartBarrel time-clock to be shipped to your jobsite.

2. Sync

Quickly sync employee data with our user-friendly software.

3. Mount

Easily mount the solar-powered, magnetic clock on your site.

4. Relax

Never worry about timesheets again as you hit 100% tracking accuracy.

Meet our integration partners.

Do your job. Without the headaches.

Stop letting payroll and time tracking issues hold you back. Discover how SmartBarrel can empower you to regain control and peace of mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The WallMount 3.0 is a solar-powered, LTE-connected device. It has its own cellular connection for constant connectivity.

We do not require any smartphone, app, or emailall the worker has to do is show up and check-in.

You can have as many devices as you want, devices sync up in a mesh, and workers can check in on one box and check out on another.

Pricing varies based on project scope, but devices are rented on a per-device basis. There is a SmartBarrel device for every jobsite.

You can track all your workers’ information from our cross-platform dashboard, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Yes, as long as the device has live connection it uploads the information in real time. 

The SmartBarrel device can be connected to the internet via LAN or WiFi if cellular is not available.

The SmartBarrel device is designed to stay outdoors 24/7 as long as the jobsite is operational. It is built to be accessible to all workers even if the trailer is locked.

The SmartBarrel device is equipped with GPS and can be tracked if it was to be moved from its designated location.

The SmartBarrel device can be up and running in less than an hour. It’s user-friendly and is the only workforce management solution that offers real-time location tracking and cellular connectivity. Data is accurate and verified, reducing liability. The device also comes with 24/7 customer support and has SMS communication capabilities, which is proven to have the highest rate of response.