The most accurate time clock in construction.

Powered by biometrics and AI, SmartBarrel completely automates time tracking and guarantees 100% accuracy.

So no fraud, bullsh*t, or excuses.

Saved per worker per year
$ 0 +
Saved at head office weekly
0 hours

Leave your clipboard in the truck.

With SmartBarrel, you won't need it.

100% Accurate Tracking

Use AI-based facial verification to ensure 100% accurate labor tracking.

5 Minute Setup

Mount the magnetic time clock and sync your worker data in minutes.

Easy to Use

Punch in, get your picture taken, start your shift. Piece of cake.

Effortless Compliance

Easily comply to certified payroll requirements and save hours weekly.

Automated Reports

Get auto-filled daily reports for every project -- no paperwork required.

Seamless Integrations

Send real-time data directly to Procore, CMiC, and PowerBI.

How it works.

Mount anywhere.


Mount SmartBarrel’s magnetic, solar-powered, LTE-connected time clock anywhere on your site.

Step 1

Start checking in.


Workers punch in and get their photo taken. All clock-ins are verified with advanced biometrics.

Step 2

Assign cost codes.


Easily add cost codes to every shift. Split shifts and carry over cost codes to the next day.

Step 3

Send to payroll.


Automatically send verified labor data to your payroll software, saving hours on manual entry.

Step 4

Effortless setup.

SmartBarrel is a truly plug-and-play solution, ready to go as soon as it arrives on your site.


Massive savings.

SmartBarrel saves you more than $4,285+ per worker and 800 hours+ on manual entry work -- every year.

Easy cost code assignments.

Use SmartBarrel's multi-platform dashboard to easily add cost codes to every task, shift, and phase.

smartBarrel Access accurate

Seamless integrations.

SmartBarrel integrates with virtually any construction software on the market, including:

Packed with features.

SmartBarrel doesn't just help you track time. It helps you report, analyze, and manage your job sites.

Screenshot of manpower tracking software for certified payroll

No more time tracking headaches.

Stop letting payroll and time tracking issues hold you back. Discover how SmartBarrel can empower you to regain control and peace of mind. 

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