Advanced construction site access control

SmartBarrel’s construction site access control feature limits who can enter your jobsite, allowing you to only admit verified workers and guests. Our construction workforce management solution improves safety and increases productivity on the jobsite.


By ensuring that only approved visitors have access to your job site, you can maintain controlled access and enhance surveillance, allowing you to better focus on other aspects of construction management.


Top of the line security for your jobsite

SmartBarrel’s WallMount 3.0 lets you automate security with construction site access control systems, saving you money and trouble. This sturdy, intelligent, and user-friendly device is a convenient, low-maintenance security solution.

Easy to use biometric facial recognition system

Biometric construction site access is easy for you to set up with a simple plug-and-play device. The integrated biometric facial recognition system is multi-functional and can serve security, check-in, and management purposes.

Limit construction site access

Set your device so only permitted workers and guests can come in through a smart facial recognition system. Rest easy knowing you can focus on what’s important.

Time tracking

Biometric facial verification helps the check-in process, identifying a worker’s time of entry to help you keep track of hours on site.

Manpower tracking

Get access to a list of all workers on the job when they’ve signed in through facial verification tracking, instantly and easily to eliminate long and inefficient manual headcounts.

Generate construction ID badges automatically

 Improve construction access control by having employees check in by scanning their faces with the SmartBarrel device. Construction ID badges are generated instantly to make the onboarding process faster and more efficient.

The perfect access control system for every jobsite

SmartBarrel makes construction site access control simple. With an intuitive user interface, our construction site access control system is an intelligent solution to make every jobsite more productive, no matter how big or small.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General contractors such as safety or project managers are responsible for ensuring that only workers and permitted visitors have access to a construction site. Construction access control is usually regulated by the use of fobs, ID cards, and biometric facial verification scans. The SmartBarrel’s device uses biometric facial recognition for the best possible security.

Access to construction sites should be controlled to protect property from public vandalism and theft. Construction site access control systems also keep the public safe from health hazards, such as potential injuries, exposure to chemicals, or hearing damage caused by loud noises. This prevents unnecessary liability and keeps jobsites guarded.

Only verified workers on a project (or approved guests at a manager’s discretion) meet access requirements. Permitted entry can be confirmed through biometric construction site access, which uses intelligent technology to retrieve known biometrics from a database to grant passage. This can include retina scans or facial recognition.

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