Case Study

How AG Contractors Saved Time and Money with SmartBarrel


AG Structures needed to find a time tracking solution that made it simple to manage multiple large, complex projects.


SmartBarrel’s time tracking tracking device and software allowed AG Structures to collect verified payroll data, while saving hours of work each week.


AG Structures is a shell contractor based in Miami, FL, specializing in concrete and masonry work. The company oversees the development and construction of various facilities, including Health, Institutional, Pharmaceutical, Commercial, and Residential projects. With a fluctuating workforce of 200-700 subcontractor laborers, AG Structures manages projects ranging from three months to a year or more. Charlotte, the Director of Operations, is responsible for overseeing the company’s people and processes.

"I needed something that was easy to set up, easy to manage; I think that’s why SmartBarrel fits a lot of our needs as a contractor. Your clock is very unique, it’s construction-oriented."

Charlotte Cintron, Director of Operations

AG Structures


AG Structures faced several challenges in tracking time and attendance due to the fast-moving nature of their projects and the frequent movement of workers between job sites. They explored various solutions available in the market but couldn’t find a comprehensive one that met their requirements.

Hardware time clocks purchased online were not web-based, making data transfer difficult, and lacked pre-registration capabilities.

The time clock provided by their payroll company required an office setup, outlet, and controlled environment, making it unsuitable for outdoor use and round-the-clock operations.

Using geofencing on a mobile app for job site check-ins proved unreliable, especially when geofences were not set up correctly or when employees did not have access to a phone.

After trying multiple solutions, Charlotte found that the team continued to revert back to paper attendance tracking. AG Structures needed a flexible platform that could adapt to the complexity of their business, and that would eliminate problems instead of introducing new ones.


AG Structures implemented SmartBarrel to address their time and attendance tracking needs. They wanted to ensure accurate attendance records, prevent buddy punching, and verify that the same person clocks in and out. As a requirement, all subcontractors are now required to use the SmartBarrel system, and payment is based on the data captured by SmartBarrel.

The integration with Procore enables seamless synchronization of time and attendance data. Additionally, AG Structures exports data into spreadsheets for further analysis.

SmartBarrel’s ability to track construction cost codes provides them with valuable insights and helps confirm billing rates for work.


SmartBarrel proved to be the all-in-one solution that AG Structures had been looking for. The product combines a user-friendly app, hardware, and a construction-oriented interface. The inclusion of RFID fobs enables easy identification of workers, even when they are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

The solar panel feature of SmartBarrel, which ensures uninterrupted operation, was a significant selling point for AG Structures. As a shell contractor early to the project, there is rarely power available. The solar panel keeps the time clock powered year-round.

The transparency provided by SmartBarrel has been well-received by subcontractors, and employees appreciate the convenience of the text message feature.

By utilizing SmartBarrel, AG Structures has achieved substantial cost savings. They greatly appreciate how SmartBarrel listens to customer feedback and makes necessary improvements based on their input.

SmartBarrel proudly supports AG Structures as they provide outstanding service in South Florida. The SmartBarrel system provides attendance tracking in an easy-to-use interface. With SmartBarrel, Charlotte and the whole team at AG Structures know they have a long-term partner that is invested in their success.

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