The most accurate construction site reporting

With SmartBarrel, you’ll get access to the most accurate data about the labor on your jobsite to reduce risk and increase productivity, all at your fingertips. Fast track your way to a temporary certificate of occupancy with accurate manpower construction reports.


Oversee aspects of your job site remotely by generating automatic reports directly out of your SmartBarrel dashboard, so you can do your job even when you’re not on site. Manpower reporting lets you leverage your way to a temporary certificate of occupancy quicker.


User-friendly construction progress monitoring in real-time

Monitor the progress of your labor with construction field reports. The data is accurate, easy to read, and offers you valuable insights so you can decide how to best manage your construction site.

Construction reporting made easy

The SmartBarrel device eliminates the need for you to spend hours compiling long and detailed reports. Construction project reports are effortlessly and immediately available through SmartBarrel’s web-based dashboard.

Various types of available reports

Whether you’re looking for timesheet reports, weekly payroll reports, cost code reports, manpower reports, daily reports, or custom reports, the SmartBarrel device gives you access to all.

Automatically-generated reports

Reports are generated automatically and can be read in minutes. If needed, you can also drill-down for more detailed reports.

Digitized reports

Do you prefer digital copies to keep your filing in order? All reports are digitized, with the option to download and print files.

SmartBarrel Worker Tracking Online

Transparent cost tracking

With contractor daily reports, cost tracking becomes less complicated and more transparent. Manage budgeting and accounting with ease to keep your workplace organized. Accelerate the progress of your projects.

Earn temporary certificates of occupancy faster

Want to avoid fees by reaching later stages of construction sooner? SmartBarrel’s construction reporting features give you accurate manpower reports. Show how many workers are present on site to support your case and get the job done on time so your project is issued a temporary certificate of occupancy as soon as possible.

Certificates of Occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

A contractor daily report logs a construction site’s activity in detail. It includes information in reference to the number of workers on-site, potential hazards present, jobsite conditions (such as weather), and progress made.

Construction reports typically include the following:

  • Project status (including the project name or ID, address, dates, and progress)
  • Weather conditions 
  • Worker attendance (with employee names and the number of hours worked)
  • Equipment and material tracking (such as the type of equipment used and how long it was used for, and daily material inventory)
  • Safety incidents, if any
  • Additional comments

Construction reports usually follow a template that project managers manually fill out at the end of the day, whether it’s done through pen and paper or digital means. The SmartBarrel device conveniently compiles all of the day’s information into daily reports, saving you time and energy.

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