Manpower Tracking

Construction manpower tracking simplified

Make manpower tracking accurate and hassle-free with SmartBarrel’s plug-and-play device, which shows all workers present. Manage your jobsite from any location with our intuitive dashboard to see exactly who is on the job.

Advanced biometric facial verification

SmartBarrel’s intelligent manpower tracking feature keeps a record of subcontractor workers on-site so you don’t have to.

From worker check-in to documentation in an end-of-the-day daily log, general contractors can save time and energy to focus on what’s important.


Verified worker check-in that’s intuitive to use

Worker check-ins are verified through an easy-to-use process with biometric facial recognition. Rest easy knowing you’ll be provided with accurate and verified data, reducing any possible confusion and fraud.

Access to accurate construction jobsite data

Construction manpower tracking is made simple and automated to eliminate human error. Easy to set up, the SmartBarrel’s device is ideal for every jobsite, no matter how big or small.

Real-time tracking

Track in real-time who’s currently on-site, even when working remotely. Monitor your project at any time from anywhere with SmartBarrel’s intuitive dashboard.

Quick and easy access

Information about any worker is quick and easy to pull up. Our user-friendly platform allows you to add or remove workers for more efficient construction workforce management.

Centralized data

All information is compiled in a centralized database, so you don’t have to shuffle through papers or pore over long spreadsheets for important data.

Tracking construction labor

A hassle-free way to track construction labor

Headache-free, fraud-free, and excuse-free check-in for all construction workers. The process of construction manpower tracking is simplified and documented to allow general contractors to work worry-free and assure that attendance will be accounted for.
I think that SmartBarrel is an amazing tool... really helpful, getting us custom tools to the needs that we have."
Kimberly Paez
Kimberly Paez
Project Manager at Thornton Construction Company, Inc.
"SmartBarrel is a way to implement technology in construction. It’s very efficient in the way that it works."
Danny Sleiman
President at Sleiman Construction
"We started using the clocking device just at one location, and I instantly saw that it was a better solution."
Vivian Jimenez
Vivian Jimenez
Finance & Administration Manager at JGR Construction, Inc

Improve productivity with construction manpower management

SmartBarrel is the next-level solution for construction labor management. Manpower tracking is all automated, allowing you to prioritize your time for the most important project tasks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction manpower tracking traditionally consists of pen and paper tracking to ensure the right workers are on-site. Modern technological advances have tried to improve the process, but some of these methods haven’t had as much success since they’re easy to trick. One successful technology is facial biometrics to document attendance and track headcount, which provides you with a much more accurate picture of who is on the jobsite. The SmartBarrel device is the perfect solution for efficient construction manpower tracking.

The manual process of tracking manpower usually involves a field foreman or superintendent walking around and counting the number of workers on the jobsite. With SmartBarrel, our construction manpower tracking technology makes checking in instant so workers can not only be on the field much quicker, but you have accurate verified worker headcount available at your fingertips.

With construction manpower management technology, employee pictures don’t need to be uploaded. SmartBarrel has biometric facial recognition that uses machine learning to verify a worker’s attendance.