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How NV2A Managed A Construction Workforce On A Private Island


NV2A Group, CRW Construction


Berry Islands, Bahamas




When the American company NV2A Group and its subcontractor, CRW Construction, received the Norwegian Cruse Line’s Great Stirrup Cay Project in the Bahamas, they knew they would need to be adaptable.

Phylicia Darville, CRW’s project administrator, needed a solution to replace their manual paper system used to track the time of workers each day. It made managing over 40 workers an arduous and often confusing endeavor with too much room for errors and potential financial loss when calculating payroll.

“One of the SmartBarrel’s features that I like the most is the End of Week Report because it makes it easy to calculate the payroll having this data. Before, I used to take around 4 hours to do my payroll; now it is done within 30 minutes.”

-Phylicia Darville, CRW Construction

Team Size
Workers On Site
10 +
Hours Saved Per Payroll Period


As a project administrator, Phylicia Darville noticed that everybody can get more things done since the staff started using SmartBarrel. She can save time because she can print reports easily, with all the information about the shifts. Her head office and local office have a record of everything in the system, and she does not need to repeat information twice.

According to Leo Neves, NV2A’s safety and logistics manager, one of the most valuable features that SmartBarrel has offered to this project, apart from the clocking device, is the system’s time-rounding rules. Many workers do not live on the same island the project is on, they need to take a boat, and they were losing over 15 minutes traveling to Great Stirrup Cay before they could check-in. NV2A wanted to compensate workers starting from when they were on the boat to get to work, and SmartBarrel made this easy. “The time rules are great because they allow us to have some flexibility in the way that we relate to our workers, taking considerations like transportation,” Neves said.

Leo has also found that the SmartBarrel solutions have been very useful during the Covid-19 pandemic impact. His team has an accurate headcount. They can also be certain of who is on-site, thanks to new features that the SmartBarrel engineering team created, such as different PPE and mask recognition tools and touch-free alternatives for the devices.

As a safety manager, one of Leo’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that the company and its subcontractors comply with the safety plans. He presented SmartBarrel to the management team, who is excited to use SmartBarrel in all the new NV2A’s projects of 2021. “SmartBarrel made the timekeeping and everything we needed to adjust very easy and transparent. The most important part is that there was a record of everything,” Neves expressed.

CRW Construction also wants to keep implementing SmartBarrel. Phylicia explained why she feels satisfied with this solution: “My experience with SmartBarrel has been awesome. Their product eliminates waste of money and helps you save time; trust me, it does. If I ever experience a problem or have a question, the SmartBarrel team is easy to contact, they’re easy to get along with and solve issues quickly. I would recommend this product to anybody who has a business.”


About NV2A Group

NV2A Group is a dynamic construction company specialized in first-class construction management and services, including projects such as commercial and industrial centers, healthcare centers, and higher education institutions in the South Florida area.

One of NV2A’s primary missions is to leverage its expertise to transform its community’s construction industry. They achieve this by prioritizing their clients successes as a measurement of their overall business success.


About CRW Construction

CRW Construction is a contractor company in the Bahamas specializing in building concrete structures for commercial projects. Its team currently works as subcontractors of NV2A Group in the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) – Great Stirrup Cay project.

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