WallMount 3.0

When we say rugged, we mean it.

We've thought of everything

Understanding the challenging construction enviroment and all it's restrictions has been our ultimate focus and strength

Facial Verification


Built in connection

Solar Powered

Designed for the field

US Patented Technology

LTE Connected

No WiFi required, automatically connects via cellular data.

Badge ID

Expedite the check-in process by using RFID badges.


Checking in pre-sunrise, no problem, SmartBarrel smart flash lights up every check-in

Solar Powered

No power, no problem! SmartBarrel comes with it's own SolarBox to stay operational 24/7.


Devices are tracked by GPS and use Atomic clocks to track

Shock Resistant

Build to withstand a fall or two, not your average delicate technology solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s super simple to install the SmartBarrel device. Each device comes with cellular connection (LTE), GPS, and is solar powered if you have no electricity. We ship the device to you ready to go, already pre-configured with your job address, so when you receive  it, all you have to do is turn on the SmartBarrel device  and it’s ready to go.

No, the SmartBarrel device is built to live outside and withstand all weather conditions. So there is no need to store it anywhere else or cover it.

The SmartBarrel device can be powered via a Solar Panel. Just let us know when you sign up and we will add solar panels to your order!

This is very common, that’s why the SmartBarrel device is pre-built with an LTE cellular connection, we work with all major cellular carriers to make sure you are always connected.

Great question! The SmartBarrel device has no after-market value but if it does happen to get stolen, each device is tracked via GPS so we can always see where it is. If it does end up getting stolen, you would just need to file a police report and then we would send you a new device! (Thankfully, a SmartBarrel device has never been stolen.)

The device is built to withstand all outdoor weather conditions, the device is engineered and tested to the equivalent of IP54.

The SmartBarrel device has an offline mode if for some reason the LTE connection doesn’t work, so it will store all the data and sync back to the SmartBarrel Dashboard as soon as it’s back online!

From a functionality standpoint, there is no limit. However, from a process standpoint and to get people working as quickly as possible, we recommend approx. 70-100 workers/ device but it depends if you have workers coming in at different times of the day.

Yes, via our Shop you can purchase RFID Fobs.

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