Contagion and the Construction Industry: A New Reality in Risk Management

This generation is experiencing an unprecedented moment in its history; personally and professionally. We are now tasked to shift our approach from established systems and social norms. COVID-19 has forced every business – including the construction industry – to reimagine the future and to kickstart the adaptation process.

While monitoring daily updates and new data as published by the CDC, John Hopkins, and the WHO, we are proactively working on measures to mitigate risk among construction workers with touch-free and contactless upgrades to SmartBarrel devices. The health and safety of our workforce and local community as a whole, is our top priority during this challenging time; we are here to help jobsites take care of their workers.

SmartBarrel has built a range of effective mitigation tools to help the construction industry operate safely. These are categories we focus on with urgency:

• Reduce cross-contamination
• Track the Coronavirus
• Education and Awareness

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