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It’s time to upgrade from manual data collection and digitize your jobs with automated data collection from the field

Future-proof your jobsite

We provide tools that drive efficiency, increase safety, and improve productivity on the job site

Quick Onboarding

Simplify your onboarding process with SmartBarrel, automatically generate badge IDs, confirm safety training for subcontractors, and track manpower on the job site.

Fast & Verified Check-In

Remove all excuses from your check in process, all workers need to do is enter their phone number and wait for the flash.

Daily Logs

Subcontractor headcount, work performed, pictures, safety incidents are all auto populated into your daily log report.

Automate Procedures

Reduce Risk

Increase Profitability

Providing everything that you need and more than you expect from a jobsite

Headcount & Daily Log

Work Summary

Incident Reporting

Badge ID

Safety & Liability

Documents and Certifications

"I think that SmartBarrel is an amazing tool, we are a huge advocate of it on this project, and we have been trying to get other projects within our company to use it and give us their feedback. SmartBarrel has been really helpful, getting us custom tools to the needs that we have."

Kim Paez
Thornton Construction

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When you don't have technology on the project, you have to rely just on papers that can get lost. That is very risky with all the safety requirements, and liabilities that you can get if anything happens; such as an accident, delay of time, or delay in the manpower that we're hiring on the job. SmartBarrel is a way to implement technology in construction. It's very efficient in the way that it works.

Danny Sleiman, NV2A Group
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The end of manual entry

Roby DeReuil and Lawrence Aoun from Gilbane Building Construction share their experience with SmartBarrel, highlighting the power of benefits of automating headcount, daily log, work summary and more! Who’s on your site?

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Automate your daily log

SmartBarrel hardware and software solution allows you to easily track and verify all your and subcontractors workers information such as headcount, timecard, information and much more. Who’s on your site?

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Frequently Asked Questions

SmartBarrel is a fully self-sufficient device, it’s rugged, weatherproof and it comes with a cellular connection and can be powered via a solar panel if you don’t have power at the jobsite (We ship the solar panel as well). We ship the SmartBarrel box to your jobsite and all you have to do is either upload subcontractor worker information (First name, Last Name, Phone number) or have the Super or Foreman add workers when they show up.

Adding workers is very simple, from your phone, tablet or laptop you can simply select the subcontractor and add the workers First Name, Last Name and Phone Number. You can then opt to collect further safety information via SMS.

Absolutely! On the SmartBarrel Dashboard, you can see all project information including Project Address, Weather, and see all the Subcontractors in a hierarchical view as well as being able to see all the Sub workers on the job for the most accurate manpower tracking.

Yes, we have a direct integration with Procore. All information tracked via SmartBarrel including Manpower, Hourly Weather Observations, and Daily Summary information is auto-populated into the Procore Daily Log.

Yes! SmartBarrel has a thermal attachment that scans for fevers upon check in. We also have a COVID questionnaire that gets sent to a workers phone.

Of course! Upon initial check-in via the SmartBarrel device an SMS will be sent to a workers phone to confirm if the onboarding was complete.

Yep! When the worker checks out via the SmartBarrel device, an SMS will be sent to a workers phone to confirm if there were any incidents. Upon initial check in, we can also send an SMS to a workers phone to see if they have any injuries, allowing you to collect all the necessary information in the most efficient way.

There is a phone number that gets assigned to every project. Subcontractors can easily send an SMS to the phone number detailing work performed and all information is synced directly into the SmartBarrel Dashboard. If you are using Procore Daily logs, you can have the information flow directly into there as well.

SmartBarrel is equipped with GPS and can be tracked if it was to be moved from its designated location. 

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