How To Install the SmartBarrel Time Clock Indoors

SmartBarrel’s portable time clock is built for all-weather environments. From snow and sleet to scorching summer days, we built this device to withstand the roughest conditions. But once a project has reached a certain point, it can be more convenient to move your SmartBarrel time clock indoors.

Installing the SmartBarrel portable time clock in an indoor setting just takes three small steps. Watch this video, or follow the instructions below.

How To Install SmartBarrel Indoors

  1. Find an accessible location with access to power, then mark and install the fasteners. The device must be hung level in order to ensure a quality picture. Make sure it is tight to the wall to avoid unintentional movement.
  2. Plug your power adapter into the wall. Then plug the cord into the power jack on the device.
  3. Press the silver power button to turn on the device. You should hear a beep. The device will start its initial connection process, which will take up to five minutes. The lights near the onboard camera will flash orange and white when complete.
  4. When the screen shows “Enter Phone Number”, the device is ready. Workers can now check in using their phone number.

Now you have 100% accurate time tracking. Have any questions? We’re happy to help.