Product News: Power BI Connector Available

The SmartBarrel Power BI Connector is now available! This powerful integration makes it simple to extract, manipulate, and visualize your workforce data. How can SmartBarrel and Power BI streamline your construction business operations and make more informed decisions? Keep reading to learn more.

Create Custom Alerts, Dashboards, and Visualizations

With the SmartBarrel Power BI Connector, you can create custom alerts, dashboards, and visualizations that are tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business and make informed decisions that can help drive your business forward. 

With Power BI, you can use your SmartBarrel data to:

  • Create a dashboard that shows labor hours, materials used, and other relevant metrics for a project manager
  • Create a custom alert to notify you when a specific labor metric exceeds a certain threshold
  • Create a department-specific dashboard that shows labor metrics for that department across crews or projects

Whether you’re a project manager, a finance professional, or a C-level executive, you can use Power BI to get the crucial insights you need.

Gain Deeper Insights Into Business Operations

With the Power BI Connector, you can use live workforce data to make business decisions in real time. For example, if you notice a trend of cost overruns in a particular phase of a project, you can take action to mitigate the risk and ensure the project stays within budget.

Build custom dashboards with live workforce data to identify trends in labor hours, cost, budget, and schedule, and take action to minimize losses and keep your projects on plan.

With custom alerts and trends, you can stay ahead of potential risks or opportunities and take action quickly. For example, if you notice a trend of increased labor hours on a specific task, you can investigate the root cause and take corrective action.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

Use the SmartBarrel and Power BI Connector to get a complete view of your business operations and make better decisions based on that information. You can easily combine data from Procore, Sage, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and other powerful construction management tools to gain even deeper insights.

By connecting your SmartBarrel data with other project and financial data, you can gain a new perspective into your project and business performance.

Share Reports and Dashboards Across Departments

The SmartBarrel & Power BI Connector makes it easy to share reports and dashboards across departments. This means everyone in your organization can access the data they need to make informed decisions. You can share reports and dashboards with specific individuals or departments, ensuring that everyone has access to the data they need.

The SmartBarrel & Power BI Connector is a valuable tool for construction businesses looking to streamline their operations and make more informed decisions. What are you waiting for? Get started today!