Subcontractor Software for Construction

Supercharge your jobsite productivity.

SmartBarrel combines foolproof productivity tracking with real-time jobsite analytics -- giving you full control over your projects.

Full visibility + 100% accuracy = no excuses.

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SmartBarrel Worker Tracking Online

Effortlessly take control of the field.

SmartBarrel's subcontractor software makes tracking and managing your workers stupid easy. Collect 100% accurate productivity data with biometric facial verification. Monitor, analyze, manage, and communicate using intuitive software.

Subcontractor software built for specialty trades.


Keep your teams in the loop about jobsite conditions. Effortlessly track productivity.


Get full visibility and seamlessly coordinate your workers. Slash downtime and maximize productivity.


Easily keep track of workers and coordinate tasks on even the most complicated and chaotic sites.


Ensure the right people are working on the right things with task assignments and reporting.


Keep project costs on track with 100% accurate time tracking. Manage multiple jobsites remotely.


Ensure accurate job costing while preventing overruns. Keep your jobs profitable.

All-in-one subcontractor management solution.

SmartBarrel is more than just a software platform for subcontractors. It is a turnkey solution for taking control of your jobsites.

The Hardware.

AI-powered facial verification time-clock that ensures that you’re tracking your worker’s shifts with 100% accuracy. Guaranteed.

The Mobile App.

User-friendly app that turns your mobile device into a biometric clock-in kiosk. Report incidents, get work summaries, and initiate toolbox talks.

The Software.

Cross-platform software to manage your project from anywhere, approve shifts, track PPE usage, review daily logs, track costs, and manage subs.

Effortlessly streamline your jobsites.

Time Tracking

No more chasing for timecards. With our biometric system, track who's working and for how long, effortlessly.


See who's on your sites in real-time, and ensure your projects stay on track and on cost.

Access Control

Enhance safety and security by controlling site access, keeping your jobsite secure and free of unauthorized personnel.

Daily Logs

Save precious field and office hours by automating your daily logs with up-to-the-minute data.

Jobsite Analytics

Take control with clear-cut insights on project progress and job costs. Make decisions based on facts, not hunches.


Broadcast updates, policy shares, or weather changes instantly with mass messaging.

SmartBarrel construction workforce and labor management solution

Save time and money on every job.

Foolproof and errorproof clock-in ensures that you only pay for hours worked. Automated daily logs save you hours every week. Real-time monitoring and analytics keeps your job costs under control.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Effortlessly communicate with your entire team. Trigger questions and notifications throughout the day to improve compliance from your workers.

Construction subcontractor software on multiple platforms

Manage your projects from anywhere.

SmartBarrel's software is cross-platform and available for all of your devices. So you can manage timesheets, assign cost codes, approve shifts, track PPE, update work summaries, and review daily logs from anywhere.