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Top 6 Construction Time Tracking Solutions For 2023

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Top 5 Portable Time Clocks For 2023

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3 Tips for Efficiently Tracking Construction Phases

Construction projects can often be large and complex, making tracking construction phases all the more important. It’s not uncommon for projects to exceed their expected deadlines, and inaccurate time estimation and phase tracking can significantly contribute to this. Some construction

How to Prevent Buddy Punching On Your Construction Site

As harmless as it may seem in the moment, buddy punching (especially when done regularly) can have significant long-term financial consequences, costing your company hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Time theft is a prevalent issue across all industries,

10 Measures to Prevent Construction Site Theft

Resolving the problem of construction theft has proven to be a frustrating task for many construction companies, but it’s all the more important with how many tools, materials, and equipment are kept on site. Accordingly, the construction industry suffers from

3 Tips for Dealing With the Construction Labor Shortage

As the demand for housing and commercial properties increases, the labor shortage in the construction industry is ever more apparent.  The construction industry has been grappling with a labor shortage problem for over a decade. Still, as the number of

What is the Role of Construction HR?

HR plays a vital role in the construction industry. Construction HR can encourage productivity in the workforce and ensure quality work for all projects. Here are the responsibilities of HR in construction, and how you can use technologies like the

How to Calculate Construction Labor Costs Accurately

Have you ever wondered whether you were paying construction workers too much or too little? How do you attract and retain quality talent while maintaining the proper profit margins? Accounting for labor is integral to determining project costs, but it’s

How to Calculate Direct Labor Cost in Construction

Properly managing a project’s finances can be the difference between success and failure. A Global Construction Survey conducted by KPMG found that only 31% of projects end up being within 10% of their original budget. A large part of expense

3 Strategies for Tracking Productivity in Construction

Tracking labor productivity in the construction industry is necessary to improve yield without sacrificing quality or compromising safety.  Especially since the industry already grapples with productivity issues (in fact, non-productive tasks cost the industry $177 billion in labor costs per