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Upgrade your operation

Project Information Grove Central – Metro Rail Miami, Florida Mixed Use Project 23 -story apartment Building 402 units 180,000 sqft. retail Large parking structure Features Daily Log   Manpower Tracking PPE detection Work Summary Onboarding     Russ Beck, Rolando Narvaez … Read More

SmartBarrel How to Prevent Construction Hazards on Your Job Site SmartBarrel

How to Prevent Construction Hazards on Your Job Site

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, construction is one of the industries with the highest number of fatal injuries. Construction is a dangerous industry to work in, with workers at risk due … Read More

What New York’s Wage Theft Law Means for the Construction Industry

New York Senate Bill 2766-C, passed by Governor Kathy Hochul in September 2021, would hold construction contractors liable for all claims under Section 198(e) of the New York Labor Law (NYLL), with joint-employer status automatically imposed on general contractors and … Read More

5 Top Construction Certifications For Career Advancement

While construction certifications are not a hard requirement for working in the construction industry (an apprenticeship is usually enough to get your foot in the door), proper education and training are prerequisites for most specialized positions. If you already work … Read More

How to Prevent Buddy Punching On Your Construction Site

As harmless as it may seem in the moment, buddy punching (especially when done regularly) can have significant long-term financial consequences, costing your company hundreds to thousands of dollars per year. Time theft is a prevalent issue across all industries, … Read More

3 Tips for Dealing With the Construction Labor Shortage

As the demand for housing and commercial properties increases, the labor shortage in the construction industry is ever more apparent.  The construction industry has been grappling with a labor shortage problem for over a decade. Still, as the number of … Read More

How to Calculate Construction Labor Costs Accurately

Have you ever wondered whether you were paying construction workers too much or too little? How do you attract and retain quality talent while maintaining the proper profit margins? Accounting for labor is integral to determining project costs, but it’s … Read More

Hiring in Construction- How to Attract Diverse Talent SmartBarrel

Hiring in Construction: How to Attract Diverse Talent

When it comes to construction hiring, diversifying the workforce has been a long-neglected issue contributing to the nationwide worker shortage. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction workforce in 2021 comprised 11% women, 12.1% racial minorities (including … Read More