Safety & Liability

We provide all the best features so you can stop focusing on your project management and get back to your life’s work.

Mitigate your risk, stop the spread

Adjusting to the reality of group work in the midst of a pandemic is something we take seriously, we have created safety features to help keep your operations safe and running.


Safety Compliance

SmartBarrel’s AI is trained to detect face masks (cloth or N95) with ease. A quick scan detects if the worker has on a hard hat, safety glasses, and vest - helping with PPE safety compliance.

digital onboarding

A new way to add workers

Onboard your workers digitally, save their records and work activities. It’s the fastest and easiest way to add workers to the system - save and retrieve information as needed.

pandemic RESPONSE

COVID-19 Tools

Beyond safety hats and glasses, SmartBarrel helps your operation mitigate your risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Learn more.

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Centralize Documentation

SmartBarrel compiles all project data per subcontractor and more. We give you realtime access to a history of headcount, workers, weather, and work summary into a Daily Log format that can be viewed, shared, and most importantly, archived and easily retrieved.

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Timekeeping & Productivity

Save time and money with the most efficient timecard in the industry. Simplify your payroll process and get more done in less time.


Day-to-Day Operations

Track your entire operations from a single remote dashboard, the big picture through accurate data is always accessible.

What customers are saying

Never just take our word, we are results driven and our clients are the best source of feedback.

"As a safety manager at NV2A one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that the company and its subcontractors comply with the safety plans. SmartBarrel helps to-do so remotely and onsite."

Leo N.
NV2A Group
"My experience with SmartBarrel has been awesome. Their product eliminates waste of money and helps you save time, trust me, it does."

CRW Construction

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